What’s Your Practise for That?

Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought: “What’s Your Practise for That?”.

Some of you might know that, in an earlier life, I was a wannabe classical musician. And of course, as a musician: I practised. (Actually, for one period of about 4 months, I practised between 6 and 10 hours every single day. So, pretty full-on.)

For a musician – or a sportsperson or a stage performer or similar – practise is the norm. It’s the primary method to get better at any skill. And of course, that’s true for any skill in any area of life or work.

Yet at work, we almost never think of practise.

That is, if you were to hear from yourself or one of your team about a professional skill to be developed, the question: “What’s your practise for that?” would most-likely be met with strange looks and confused silence.

Take this thought to heart, now. Think of a skill or activity in your professional world that, if you were really, really good at – let’s say “masterful” – would significantly accelerate you and your professional progress. And now ask that question:

“What’s my practise for that?”

And capture a few thoughts on opportunities for practise that you can engineer into your calendar and ToDo lists. Find reasons to practise that activity more than you usually would. Find ways to practise constituent elements of the activity. Find opportunities to practise activity in a very small way. If the desire is strong enough, you’ll find a myriad of opportunity for practise.

From today: make PRACTISE one of your high-performance disciplines for life.

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