Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought: “Stop Trusting. Start Trialling”.

I’m a draw-out coach. Advice-led coaching, for me, isn’t coaching. But when we do get to a client’s insight and look to convert that into real-world action, my clients often ask for mentor-like input. And I’m happy to put-in, if I think it’s in my client’s best interest.

And in that moment, I invite my clients NOT to simply trust what I say or suggest or playback in a session. But instead: to take anything that resonates or piques curiosity and energy in them – and I invite them to trial it.

Trial it. Test it. Conduct an experiment. Run a pilot. Find out in the real world. And have that be the feedback.

When we notice that we can trial a thought or a project, the opportunities for trial are endless – and hugely rewarding. We always get something from that experience. But only every time.

So, for your current change project (because we’re all changing, all the time): have your mantra be:

“Trust nothing. Trial everything.”

And consider: what would you be up to today, if that were your lived-out mantra?

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Dan Beverly

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