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A Quality of Thought: “Stop Studying Your Stuckness”.

Here’s a curiosity it’s useful to notice. When people get stuck, way-down low on the ladder of consciousness, the first thought of many … is to study it! To stay down there, in the quagmire and ask “why?”

Why am I stuck? Why am I not more motivated? Why can’t I find a way to get unstuck?

Imagine someone came to you with an issue of stuckness. And your response was: “Why?” What an unhelpful nonsense that would be! With everything you’ve ever been taught, learnt and experienced about how to manage and lead and motivate, it would never be your thought to ask them “Why?”

So, what’s behind Self 1 asking Self 2 “why?” It’s a strategy to keep us stuck.

And so, a better question than “why am I stuck?” is “what am I getting from my stuckness?” But even that’s not particularly helpful, in this moment. So, how do we get beyond our stuckness?

Start by parking the question of “why”, telling yourself you’ll come back to that later, once you’re unstuck. (By which time, you’ll have complete clarity on the reality, having seen what un-stuckness looks like. Or, of course, you just won’t care, because now you’re beyond it.)

And then remind yourself of the importance of Mind – Body – Spirit, all working in unison.

And so, when the mind is stuck, and the spirit is low, I turn to my body. I get active. Which is to say: I focus on TAKING ACTION. I engage in behaviours that I know lift my mind and spirit. I overwhelm my stuckness with lots and lots of little starter actions. And I set a physical goal alongside my professional goal. And get to work on it.

Adopt the thinking habit, today: to catch yourself wanting to study your stuckness – and choosing, instead, to let it go and focus on ACTION. It’s how to get unstuck, but only every time.

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