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A Quality of Thought: “The Power of a Problem-loving Mindset”.

Problems are a good thing. They are the seeds of opportunity, invention and solution.

New problems – having solved the initial problems – are also a good thing. They’re a sign of progress. (Just as the counter is also true. No new problems = no progress.)

So, given the choice – and we always have a choice when it comes to how we think about anything – I want the mindset of welcoming problems. To be completely open and at ease with problems, such that I can take advantage of all the potential they come with.

Think back now to a recent time when you solved a problem. Big or small. Felt good, yes? Don’t you want more of that?

If you’re not yet convinced, reflect on this: The fear of new problems keeps us from our success. Stuck. Static. Flat. Out of action.

How? Well, imagine for a moment your next level of success …

Perhaps that’s a promotion. Or your entrepreneurial business taking on its first member of staff. Or your side-business hustle moving into 5- or 6-figure revenues. Or the department you lead doing £5m more in sales this quarter. Or your project team headcount growing by 25%.

These ALL come with a new set of problems. Not just in the achieving of the next level, but once you’re actually there.

Whatever your next level of success, you’re guaranteed it comes with a new set of problems. That’s part of the deal. And if you fear those problems – however unconsciously – you’re going to move away from your success, not towards it.

Do this now: Vividly imagine your next level of powerful success. Really see it. Now: visualise some of the problems that come with that success. In particular, the problems that you fear. And now: visualise yourself gracefully embracing, managing and capitalising on those problems. Notice just how capable you are.

Learn to love your problems. Especially the ones you don’t yet have.

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