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A Quality of Thought: “Stop Thinking Your Way to Clarity.”

One of the joys of working with a coach is you’re now on the fast track to clarity. And when you’re clear, everything else – beliefs, behaviours, decisions, actions, learning – falls into place. Life. Just. Flows.

When you’re unclear, it’s quite the opposite.

And notice now that when we don’t have the benefit of a thinking partner, holding the space and supporting our focus and attention, our efforts to think our way to clarity are heavily laboured, time- and energy-consuming processes that very often don’t achieve our ultimate result.

Unless the result we wanted was to stay stuck.

So, let’s change that approach and STOP THINKING our way to clarity; and instead, START ACTING our way there.

Practise noticing the stuckness, in the form of thinking. Practise noticing just how little action you’re in. And challenge yourself with the question: how can I test this thinking? How can I experiment? How can I have action lead the way – and leave my thinking to be an emergent follow-on?

Do it now: Choose an area of life or work in which you’re not where you want to be; where, in your own mind at least, you feel stuck. And now, create a small starter action that might just be the stepping stone you need towards the clarity you’d love to enjoy. Don’t labour over this: just set a small action – one you’ve probably thought of previously. And go for it, all-the-while monitoring the learning.

Stop thinking your way to clarity. Start acting.

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