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A Quality of Thought: “Done for Day”.

In a previous career, I spent the majority of my time working in financial services and trading environments. And there, I came to know the phrase “Done for Day”.

And I loved that idea. I loved that feeling. To be “Done for Day”. But I immediately noticed I could rarely say, at least with any sense of inner peace, that I was “Done for Day”. Done-in, perhaps. Done-for, maybe. But not “Done”, as in “Complete”.

I did have a clear idea of what that would feel like, though.

Between school and university, I started a modest painting and decorating business to make a little money. And something I loved about that work was the mandatory requirement to leave the site in a reasonable state. And that necessitated end-of-day wrap-up activities, making time for which I came to install as a daily ritual. And at the end of my working day, aside from my happy client and a clear run at the next day’s work, I could look back at the work of the day and feel good and complete.

In the course of a normal week, how often do you experience that sense of being satisfyingly Done for Day? As often as you’d like? Less than you’d like? And what’s the benefit of your being Done for Day? And what’s the cost of not?

Take a moment now to choose One Thing that, if by End of Day was complete or moved to the next stage of completion, would give you that sense of Done for Day. Make that your sole focus for the day. And schedule in 15-minutes at the end of the day to check-in on that; and make notes on open tasks for tomorrow.

That’ll be Done for Day.

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