frequently asked questions

Below, you’ll find answers to the most common questions.
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frequently asked questions

Below, you’ll find answers to the most common questions. And if your question’s not featured: simply get in touch and we’ll have a conversation.

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1. Who are your typical clients?

A mix. But they are all high-achieving professional women of personality, intelligence, talent and drive. Women with an inspiring leadership agenda. Who take their development seriously. And who want to have a positive impact on their world.

Their career is in the city: in banking, financial services, technology, consulting and professional services. They are leaders, executives, directors, VPs, managers and analysts. And they find themselves at a pivotal moment in their career.

2. Who do you work best with?

I work best with high-calibre, high-performing individuals who are professional, hard-working, diligent – and willing to invest themselves in the coaching process.

I won’t work with someone whose situation is inappropriate for coaching; or who I feel would be better-served by a therapist or other specialist.

And I won’t work with someone where the coaching chemistry isn’t quite right, or if I genuinely feel I can’t add significant value for that person.

3. What sorts of problems do you solve?

All sorts: coaching has wide application. But it’s only tangentially about solving problems. The focus of coaching is about contributing deeply to already-performant individuals, to create massive positive change.

Common areas of focus include: crafting and executing a leadership agenda, developing and accelerating career, winning promotion, changing career, finding new purpose, refreshing personal brand, reconnecting with professional value, developing and deepening key skills, improving thinking, enhancing performance and personal impact, kick-starting a new project (or resurrecting a dormant one), making life-changing decisions, or addressing work/life imbalances.

4. What are some of the benefits of coaching?

Clarity, fulfilment and results. Coaching is about improving the results an individual is creating. And about providing an important counterbalance to the many pressures we put upon ourselves: whatever our level.

With the support of a coach, we make clearer judgements, learn more from experiences, make better choices, act more decisively and take more effective and purposeful action. We begin to focus on what’s really of importance to us; and to shape what we do to align with those values.

5. Do I really need a coach?

No. But whether you’re at the top of your game or experiencing a temporary lull, working with a coach will always enhance your thinking, your energy and your performance; and get you achieving longer-lasting results faster than you would working alone.

6. Does it really work?

Yes, coaching does work; but like everything, it has its limits. Coaching is not a panacea: powerful, yes; but the answer to everything, no.

So, what are those limits? Well, perhaps I can ask: when you’re at your most energised, motivated, liberated and inspired, what’re the limits to what you might achieve?

A final caveat: the client has to want this. The essence of coaching is drawing-out solutions from a high-performing mind. If that mind doesn’t want to cooperate, coaching won’t work.

7. Is it worth the investment?

Yes, coaching is worth the investment – assuming you and your coach have set the right goals and that you’re prepared to work hard at them.

Although we may not often think or feel it, we’re constantly spending time, money and effort to progress and advance, often adopting ad hoc and unchanging strategies along the way – and with minimal care or thought.

Coaching will marshal those investments, aligning them and you with your highest values, getting you to your goals faster and achieving a bigger version of the result.

8. Will it take a long time to see results?

No. On the contrary, coaching gets results fast. And one of my great (and, I’m pleased to say, regular) delights in coaching is clients seeing results sooner than expected.

My longer coaching programmes can run for anything up to 12 weeks in order to progress big goals. But clients see results every step of the way: from the outset; throughout; and long after we have finished working together.

9. What should I be looking for in my coach?

A great coach makes the process of coaching near-invisible and seemingly effortless; and makes you feel buoyant, positive and optimistic.

To spot a great coach, have a conversation and ask yourself: is this conversation free-flowing and natural? Do I feel listened to, valued and understood? Will this person challenge and inspire me?

After that: trust your instincts (they’re probably right), check-up on references and make sure your coach has formal and recognised training and credentials.

10. Can we speak first?

Definitely. Like all serious coaches, I insist we talk first before we agree to work together. Give me a call or request a call-back on the Contact page.

11. Can I meet you in person, beforehand

Yes. If you live or work in London, we can meet face-to-face over teas and coffees. If you’re further afield, FaceTime and Skype are both options.

12. Can I speak to some people you’ve coached?

Absolutely. Just give me a call and I’ll put you in touch with some of my past and present clients who have kindly offered to talk to prospective clients. I just ask that you are polite, professional and courteous; and that you respect their confidentiality.

13. How much does it cost?

I price my coaching on value potential, not time spent because coaching has to be an investment for change. For that reason, I don’t have a set hourly rate but a bespoke price per individual coaching programme.

Since I know clients appreciate transparency in their coaching fees, I publish guide prices on the Fees page. I hope you’ll always find my fees both value for money and competitive with other development options you may be considering.

14. Do I have to sign anything?

Yes please: my Standard Coaching Agreement, which is available to download. It’s a simple document outlining our commitments to one another.

If there’s anything in there that gives you cause for concern, just give me a call and we can discuss.

15. What if I change my mind partway through?

No problem. In this circumstance, I always offer a complimentary and entirely optional mini-session: either to conclude the coaching series; or if, on reflection, there is a change of heart, to reassert our commitments.

Regarding refunds, you can view the detail of my policies online in my Terms of Business. But in summary: with the exception of very late cancellations or appointments missed without notification, I never charge for sessions not delivered.

16. What is your cancellation policy?

24 hours. As long as I have 24 hours’ notice, there is no charge.

Under 24 hours’ notice, I do charge for cancelled and missed sessions. I don’t like to; but by that point, I will have completed all my preparation and made my travel and schedule commitments.

17. Are you professionally trained and industry qualified?

Yes. I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation and a Results Certified Coach, having originally trained with the NeuroLeadership Institute. I am also a licensed Firework Career Coach and a professional member of the Association for Coaching.

I also hold a number of coaching-related qualifications, including NLP Practitioner (2014). And routinely commit to at least one significant piece of personal development and learning each year.

18. Is your work supervised?

Yes. The phrase we use is “in supervision”. My supervisor provides an independent expert check on the quality of my work, which helps ensure the quality of my service, as well as support my continual development.

Supervision is an activity which happens away from the actual coaching – my supervisor isn’t present in our sessions. And please note that I never break my clients’ confidences, even with my supervisor.

19. Is coaching confidential?

Yes. Anything and everything we discuss and share, regardless of whether you ultimately pursue a coaching programme or not, is 100% confidential.

What that means is that I won’t be sharing your content with anyone, including my supervisor and my own coach. Any notes I take are purely to help me be a better coach for you; and I store and dispose of all material and notes with appropriate care.

20. Do you subscribe to a code of ethics?

Yes. I subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

I chose to affiliate with an established professional body to ensure my Code of Ethics remain fully up-to-date. And I subscribe to the ICF specifically because they are the accrediting body of my core training.

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