8 Atomic Habits for Better Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking is a much desired and sought-after skill, but increasingly difficult to attend to, given the pace of change and the competing distractions of work and business. Here are 8 atomic habits that we can install to help counter the noise and create a valuable reputation for being a "Strategic Thinker". #BrainBasedCoaching

Gracefully Navigating Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

The shortcuts taken by our unconscious mind often serve us well – but are fallible, too. And those shortcomings can have real-world consequences for us all. Here are 6 strategies to help navigate the biases implicit in the world of work. #BrainBasedCoaching

3 Complaints Your Team Has About You, Boss

It can be a rarity to get open and honest feedback from your team on your performance as their boss. And so, in the absence of that valuable input, it's useful to have a few go-to places to look, as you conduct your own self-leadership check. Here are 3 complaint areas to start your self-review. #BrainBasedCoaching

7 New Performance Habits to Amplify Your Leadership

We all want to be better leaders. And one of the best and most reliable ways to create that shift is by installing performance habits that are just part of the DNA. Try these 7 disciplines which are a little different from the normal advice! #BrainBasedCoaching

The #1 Leadership Quality (That No One Ever Talks About)

The "focused leadership" we're looking for from our leaders - and from ourselves - is not the intense and hardcore rush, rush, rush that most choose in reaction to a demanding workplace. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Here’s how we can return to leadership serenity. #BrainBasedCoaching

One Surefire Ingredient to Make an Emboldened Career Move

Whether your focus is career acceleration or career shift, there is one ingredient that is always the difference between success and continued stuckness. That ingredient is AGENCY. Use these 4 practices to instil a powerful sense of personal agency for your next career move. #BrainBasedCoaching

A Simple Formula for the Most Effective Leadership Behaviours

No style of leadership is neutral. The very way we come at a situation has a fundamental impact on its outcomes. So, here's one simple formula to help us lean towards more helpful leadership behaviours for our people. #BrainBasedCoaching

5 Qualities of Leadership Thinking That Drive Results

There are many crucial leadership competencies. But in the end: unless you're delivering results, the rest aren’t going to get talked about or recognised. Here are 5 cornerstone thoughts to your results-delivering leadership strategy. #BrainBasedCoaching

4 Leadership Habits to Inspire a Positive and Empowering Culture

Shifting a culture starts with ourselves and our own little corner of the world – and a series of small but impactful behaviours that, incrementally, add-up to positive change. Here are 4 leadership habits to inspire that stimulating and empowering culture within your team. #BrainBasedCoaching

A 5-point Checklist to Promote Open and Honest Communications

Leadership is about leaning into the status quo - and so, challenges are inevitable. Open and honest communication at those times of challenge and crisis is a core leadership competency. Here are 5 behaviours to help you achieve mastery. #BrainBasedCoaching

How High Performers Turn “Average” into Outstanding Results

Our focus for performance is most often for outstanding delivery in the moment. But what would happen if we adjusted that view and chose instead to focus on "good enough" performance over the longer term? #BrainBasedCoaching

2 Decision-making Traps Great Leaders Know How to Sidestep

We all know the frustration of having our thoughts backed-up by an unmade decision. Here's a process to sidestep two of the thinking traps most likely to get in the way of powerful decision making. #BrainBasedCoaching

Career Beliefs: Challenging The Truths Limiting Your Highest Career Potential

What we choose to believe - about career in general and our own career specifically - has a deep and lasting impact on the ways in which our careers play out. Take some time to challenge your beliefs and find perspective and energy to bring to your career journey.

3 Brain-based Strategies to Change the Thinking and Perform Under Pressure

A key defining quality of those successful in their careers is that ability to handle the pressure, keep the thinking brain online and manage situations to successful outcomes. Here are 3 neuroscience-backed techniques to help.

CONFIDENCE: A Brain-based Approach for Stand-out Leadership (3)

Of all the behaviours we might choose to develop, confidence is most people's Number One. And with good reason. Get to grips with a simple formula for confidence, and let you most authentic, resourceful self shine through.

CHARISMA: A Brain-based Approach for Stand-out Leadership (2)

Charisma is a quality often included in our descriptions of leaders we admire. It's also a quality many feel they either have - or don't. But like any behaviour, it can be learned and developed. Here're some brain-based thoughts on how.

6 Quick-Fire Strategies to Stay Cool Under Pressure

Our ability to keep our heads at work improves helps us make better decisions, have more influence and impact with others and improve performance – in ourselves and in those around us. Use these simple but effective strategies to help you keep your cool.

The Best Article You’ve Ever Read About Brain-based Coaching

What is Brain-based Coaching? What makes it so beneficial? And why might you choose brain-based coaching over other options? My challenge: to write the best article available to answer the question: What is Brain-based Coaching?

9 Brain-based Strategies to Stop Prioritising Your Fear Over Your Success

Our brains are hardwired for survival - and that bias can leak into moments when pure survival is not our only goal. Learn to prioritise your success over your fear with these brain-based strategies.