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A Quality of Thought: A Daily Practice of Silence.

This year (we’re approximately halfway through as I write this), I have made a commitment to study and engage in the daily practices that help me to access my highest potential. Of course, for myself. But also, to share with my clients and community.

So, here’s an idea and an experience I’d like to share …

Our individual sense of our “highest potential” will vary wildly. But the daily practices that give me access to it probably don’t.

When thinking about access to highest potential, I have on my list the same things you’ll have on your list. Fundamentals like: Hydrate. Eat. Sleep. Move. Routines like: Exercise. Rest. Meditate. Journal. Rules like: Generate Energy. Seek Clarity. Increase Focus. Act Decisively.

But what I’ve recently added to my list – and that you might not yet have on yours – is silence.

Maintaining a daily practice of silence means taking time to simply be. And so, for the avoidance of doubt: stepping into the silence does not include watching YouTube; listening to music; reading a book; scrolling twitter; even following a guided meditation. Because in all these activities, I’m still in communication.

Silence means just that. Silence. No mean feat in our over-filled, highly-distracted days. But hugely beneficial to anyone who would wish to amplify their focus and impact, as they move through their day.

Why is it important to make a daily practice of silence? Because if I never give myself opportunity to step into the silence, my internal dialogue can only ever maintain its turbulent default state. And my highest potential is accessible to me only via a quiet mind.

I know for some: this is going to feel too spiritual and too uncomfortable. To them, all I can say is: it’s too good an experience not to share. And so, I hope you’ll find a way to test it for yourself.

For the rest of us: enjoy.

Thanks for reading!

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