Dan Beverly

New Year’s Resolutions Part 3

Thinking is the source.

Whatever success you’re aiming for in 2016, whatever vision you have for you and those around you: add a brain-based resolution to the list.

Perhaps one of the following will be just what you and your brain are looking for in 2016:

Be more solutions-focused

No more looking for problems, especially where there are none. Ask yourself: is this really an issue? And if so: ok, what are my solution options? Most of the minor issues solve themselves over time anyway. And looking for solutions will strengthen those circuits and free-up your mind to make new connections.

Get the facts first

No more jumping to conclusions without the facts. Such “cognitive dissonance” severely limits our perspective on the world and leaves us disconnected from reality. Make the resolution to build the habit to go get the facts before allowing the next stage of thinking to take place.

Enjoy time spent outside your comfort zone

Have you been liking your comfort zone just a little too much in 2015? For 2016, bring within reach more positive changes by facing the unknown, trying new things and indulging in the learning. Our brains love the stretch! To start, make it just a small step outside of your zone. Who knows – you might even enjoy it!

Widen the thinking perspective

Resist a tendency to see things in black and white, right and wrong, all or nothing. Instead, accept the world as imperfect, challenge your own thinking and ask yourself: what other perspectives are there I’m not (yet) seeing?

Abandon the recurring excuses

Deep down, we know what we need to do to make a change, create a result, achieve a goal. Yet we continue to invest time in the same old excuses, leaving us no further forward. Instead, invest thinking time on results – and ways to achieve those results, not reasons not to.

Take more action

Thinking creates behaviour achieves results. But can’t we also be guilty of thinking just a little too much? Overthinking paralyses us. Instead, get yourself into purposeful action more often by developing the habit to focus on Action #1. Ask yourself: what small action can I take right now that will move me a little closer to my goal?

Best wishes for 2016.

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