Dan Beverly

A parting thought to close-out the week: “Your Agenda”.

Your Agenda

Who’s agenda are you working to?

A really useful question to ask anytime. And every time. For example: look back at your week now. How much time was spent on your agenda, as opposed to someone else’s? Notice how much of your “big and important things” list got done – or not. Notice whether you got to your “One Big Thing” – or not.

And now take a look at your calendar for next week. Where’s your agenda represented? How much dedicated time have you put aside to progress your interests?

And now you’re worrying about your agenda. Or feeling aggrieved it’s not been your agenda. And worrying and feeling upset about our agenda isn’t our agenda either!

So why not take the weekend to reconnect with your agenda. Get honest with yourself about what really matters. And how committed you are to it.

And come Monday: jump to it!

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