Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought: And The World Kept Turning

For the last few days, I’ve not been well.

And as someone who prides himself on being fit and active and physical and outdoorsy and all the rest of it. And as someone who’s driven by a need for work ethic and routine. (As I’m sure many/most of us are.) I’ve found it frustrating. Deeply frustrating.

To be kept from my routines. To be kept indoors. To be kept out of the gym. To be kept from my list. {Argh!}

But like all the times I’ve been unwell. Or on all the days that have been completely derailed by some unplanned event. I’m grateful to have been handed an important lesson I’d do well to remember:

That the world did, indeed, keep turning!

There were things I didn’t do. There were things I couldn’t get to. There were things I had to put on hold. But the world kept turning. And that always renews my perspective for what’s important.

It also prompted me for some useful strategies:

  • If I can only do one thing today, what does that need to be?
  • If I only have energy to last until midday, how shall I spend my morning?
  • What really, really needs to get done? (And what can wait?)
  • Remind me, again: why am I doing this?
  • Does half this stuff on my list even matter?!!

I intensely dislike being unwell. Don’t we all. But I’m also going to find gratitude in it.

For reminding me that life’s autopilot is a restriction I impose on myself. And so I’m only ever one thought away from making a different choice.

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