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It’s summertime. And at this time of year, perhaps you find yourself in a quiet period and wanting to make good use of this great opportunity to advance some of your professional goals.

But as I often hear from those I work with, when the pace of work and life slows, it can be difficult to get into – and stay in – action. And when that natural rhythm has slowed, thinking about big goals and mid-term outcomes can actually be stressful.

So, what can be done to get unstuck when things are slow?

Immediately translate your outcome goal into a process goal.

That is: doable activity.

  • So, for example: the outcome goal of “build my network in a new area of interest” turns into a process goal of “make 5 new connection requests each day”.
  • The outcome goal of “shift into a new career that doesn’t leave me feeling drained!” turns into a process goal of “spend 15 minutes a day capturing new career ideas in my Ideas Bank”.
  • The outcome goal of “grow my sales team” turns into the process goal “setup and conduct 5 interviews with specialist recruitment firms this week”.
  • The outcome goal “drop 5 pounds before we go on holiday” becomes “start every day with my nutritious breakfast and morning run”.

Process Goals are something you are sure to feel good about. They are something well within reach – because they’re entirely up to you. (Notice now that outcome goals, especially in business, are rarely 100% within our control.) And they keep you in action.

So, always jump into your process. Have the simple thinking equation be:

“I’m feeling stuck = time to jump into my process!”

We often hear talk about focusing on the outcome. And it’s almost always a good thing. But for those times when outcome goals can stop you in your tracks, waste no time thinking this isn’t supposed to happen. Because it can. Outcome Goals can remind you of something you don’t have but think you ought to. They can remind you of the magnitude of the task. And a whole host of other thoughts that can shut down your whole system.

So instead, spend your time in process.

Like an athlete in training. Focus on Laps. Miles. Lengths. Exercises. Granular detail. Activities to do. And let every day be entirely satisfying and fulfilling from a focus on PROCESS.

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