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Perhaps like me, you enjoy spending this interim time between Christmas and New Year reflecting usefully on what has been; and more usefully, what’s to come. And perhaps you have that feeling it’s time to make some changes – although you’re not quite sure what. New job? New career? New business? New life?

If you’re looking for inspiration but don’t know where to start, let me lend some advice well-evidenced in my coaching conversations: look to your childhood.

Rediscovering ourselves

I’m always warmed – but never surprised – to hear my clients land on insights whose inspiration is rooted in their childhood. Things they’ve always been good at, gifts they’ve always had, things they’ve always loved to do, things they’ve always wanted to do.

Because as much as we talk about seeking and discovering our passions and drivers, it’s really a rediscovery. The values, purpose, passion and drive we seek have been a part of us our entire lives. And at no time have they showed-up so boldly as in our childhood.

Inspirations of childhood

So to kick-off your inspired change for the coming year, think back now to your childhood:

  • Games. What games did you love to play? And what was at the heart of them? Adventure? Enterprise? Invention? Collaboration? Competition? Which of these characteristics do you want to see more of in work, career and life?
  • Imaginings. Who did you always pretend to be? What characters and roles did you always play? Remind yourself of the values and virtues of those characters. How could they play into your next big change?
  • Obsessions. What were you absolutely obsessed with? What captivated you like nothing else? What was it about that obsession? And how might that dedication and commitment be useful this coming year?
  • Talents. What did you not need to be taught, but just got, quicker than anyone else. What were your natural talents? At what did you excel? And which of those talents are you currently leaving dormant and would benefit from rekindling?
  • Joys. What gave you most joy as a child? What did you yearn to do, and for hours on end? What were you constantly pulled toward? And what pursuits might bring you similar joy in your year to come?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This is a great time of year to take that mental step back from the day-to-day and expand your thinking. For a rejuvenating kick-start, your childhood can be a great source of inspiration: to reconnect you with what you’re really about and what you really want.

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Dan Beverly

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