Dan Beverly

A thought to start the week: “what’s the meaning?”

What’s the Meaning?

One of the most liberating thoughts available to us is that we can choose the meaning. Of anything.

A situation or scenario. A person or a thing. Something that’s happened in the past or upcoming in the future. We can choose the meaning we ascribe to it. Because we are the architects of our internal working model.

So consider: Is this an ending – or a beginning? Is this a problem – or an opportunity? Is this undoing our work – or wiping the slate clean? Is this locking us in – or offering us freedom?

Choosing the meaning is one of the simplest, yet most powerful reframes available. Use it to build optimism, introduce creativity and get motivated. Use it to move yourself closer to your goals.

Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it.

So make the decision now to check and choose your meanings.

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