Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought:
“What Am I Saying Yes To?”

  • Given yesterday and last week, ask yourself: what did I say “yes” to?
  • For tomorrow and the week to come, ask yourself: what will I say “yes” to?
  • In this moment, ask yourself: what am I saying “yes” to?

If the answer is “nothing”, look again. We’re always saying “yes” to something. Even in the absence of a conscious “yes”, we’ve said a passive “yes” with our focus, attention, actions and time commitments. And we’re off-agenda.

If the answer is “not nothing”: check again. How much of your time, energy and commitment has been directed at that “yes”?

If you’re not getting things done. If you’re continually off-mission. If you’re hazy or confused. If you can’t say “no”. Check your “YES”. Make it your habit to ask:

What am I saying “yes” to?

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Dan Beverly

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