Dan Beverly
A thought to start the week: “use the 15 minutes”.

Use The 15 Minutes

How many of your bigger projects (especially your strategic, self-development and longer-term projects) are not moving forward because you can only find 15 minute slots?

And so we don’t make a start on them because we’re waiting for a proper block of time to sit and really get to work on it.

(Which sounds logical. But of course: that block of time either never comes; never comes when we need it by; or, if it does, quickly fills with other distractions!)

But if I can setup my bigger project to be worked-on in bite-sized chunks. If I can frame the complete piece of work so the constituent pieces sit comfortably within it. I can quickly wrack-up a lot of time-well-spent on my project. And at time when I’d otherwise say “I have no time for this”.

Yes, we’d rather have a decent segment of uninterrupted time to work on our “other” projects. But when that’s not happening, maybe it’s time to look at an alternative approach. So where you can, refine your setup:

And use the 15 minutes.

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