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A parting thought to close-out the week: “unhappiness over uncertainty”.

Unhappiness Over Uncertainty

Have you noticed that, given the choice, most of us choose unhappiness over uncertainty?

To state it in those terms, as we sit here, calmly reading professional development posts and reflecting on our situation, it seems a ludicrous thing to say. “Of course I’d choose my happiness first!”, we think to ourselves.

But notice now, for ourselves and those around us, how often we stick with uncomfortable or downright unhappy situations. Nowhere more so than in our careers.

And one of the restraints keeping us at “no-change” is: UNCERTAINTY.

Not knowing how it will turn-out. Not knowing if it’ll work. Not knowing it the situation will worsen. And now we’re catastrophising.

So we stick with certainty. But at what cost? Your happiness is a pretty substantial cost, wouldn’t you agree?

And so we owe it to ourselves to consider the uncertainty of change in the pursuit of happiness. To connect with the vision and build a credible plan to its realisation – and so reduce the uncertainty.

This weekend, take a moment to reflect on where you are choosing certainty over happiness. And think what small actions you could take to manage, and even embrace, the uncertainty; and so, let go of unhappiness.

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