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A thought to start the week: “the thinking challenge of an outcome focus”.

The Thinking Challenge of an Outcome Focus

Deciding to focus on an outcome, goal or objective – as opposed to a problem, issue or obstacle – positively impacts brain functioning in a few important ways.

It primes the brain to perceive information relevant to the outcome. It filters-out information about the problem. It activates more right-side thinking and the release of dopamine, both helpful for having insights. And it helps us associate with the positive feelings connected with the solution which helps keep us motivated and focused.

Sounds great. So why do we have to work at outcome-based thinking?

Because an outcome focus is not our default thinking mode. Initially, solutions are unseen, untested and uncertain. And so it takes effort to dampen the threat responses that accompany uncertainty. Essentially, problem-focused thinking feels “safer”.

So for this week: notice your thinking and practise gently nudging your brain towards an outcome focus. And see what it does: for you and your results; and for the results you inspire in others.

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