Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought: The Power of Routine.

A few days back, I dropped one of my kids off at the school, super early, for his trip to France.

I’m an early riser. So even though it was first thing, it didn’t mean getting-up any earlier for me. And when I got back, it was still early enough that other peoples’ days had not begun. And so I could get back to what I usually do of a morning.

But jeez, did I need to think hard about it all!

And that’s the power of routine: not having to think too hard or too long about the regular stuff. And so conserving our precious and easily-exhausted mental resources for higher-level thinking.

If I can be sure my habits and routines are best-serving my goals and intentions.

The brain prefers to hardwire every thought, behaviour or activity it notices as important or repetitive: to make best-use of its more capacious and reliable unconscious circuitry. And we can use that to our significant advantage, if we get intentional about the design of our routine.

So set yourself a challenge today: to review your already-in-place routines; and tweak them to produce an even more powerful, even more serving routine.

And give it some attention.

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