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A Quality of Thought: The Power of “Get Into”.

Whenever I hear myself or someone else talk about “getting through” something, I want to change-up that approach with a simple language-upgrade to “get into”.

“Get Into” is powerful. Because my state moves on from where it was when I was trying to “get through” it. And when I “get into” the project:

  • I’m relaxed, not stressed.
  • I’m free-flowing, not forced.
  • I’m invested, not obliged.

And from that place, a few things happen that weren’t happening when I was trying to “get through” it.

  1. I find interest in what I’m doing. I do more of it. I get good at it. And I find the joy in what I’m doing.
  2. The task gets done faster: because that’s what happens when I find joy in my work.
  3. I complete on the activity. And what’s great about completed items is: they don’t come back!

When I hear my “get through it” language, I want that as my trigger to notice that I’m holding this task, mentally, at arm’s length. And that whilst I do, life will be a little more of a struggle than it needs to be.

And then the choice: do I want that drama? Or do I want to relax into the One Thing that’s in front of me and look at ways to “get into” this next project?

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