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A thought to start the week: “the power of decision”

The Power of Decision

It all begins with a decision.

Reflect now on some of the more powerful and progressive actions you’ve taken in recent weeks. Those activities that have really propelled you and your goals forward. The differences that have made the difference.

And notice now: every single one of those impactful changes was preceded by decision.

Not a preference. Not an inkling. Not a “like to”. Not the default outcome of no change. A powerful, intentional and committed decision.

Decision-making is a habit we can learn, develop and embed. To do that: practise!

Make lots of decisions. Make them quickly. Make each a commitment. Make it a habit to set an action at the scene of your decision-making.

And here’s the real secret: know that a decision is a moment in time, not an ongoing struggle. A commitment in this present moment.

So start now, with a commitment in this present moment: to be, forever more, a powerful decision maker.

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