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In response to last week’s post: The Only 2 Words You Need When Receiving Feedback, I had a number of comments saying it was a very timely share.

So to complete the picture at this time of annual reviews, here are the only 3 rules you need to ensure you’re giving great feedback.

1. Offer the whole truth

Of course, you’re being honest. But the whole truth? That’s harder – especially if we forget what a gift the truth is. Most of us go the whole day without hearing the whole truth. So offer one of the most transformative qualities of great feedback: THE TRUTH.

2. Be succinct

We know the importance of being specific. I want to suggest you amplify the power of specificity further and deliver your feedback succinctly. When we hit the nail on the head, no need to hammer it home. Let people make their own connections.

3. Think only of the future

A future-focus moves us from critic to helper. To do so requires us to let go of the past. Not easily done: some of us can’t even forgive ourselves. But there’s no sense hoping for a better past. Look for what went well; look for the learning; look for what to do differently next time. And use that to work on what we can influence: the future.

A brain-based approach

If you’re interested in learning more about a brain-based, coaching approach to the feedback conversation, you might enjoy my past article: 7 Steps to Effective Feedback that Transforms Performance.

Dan Beverly

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