Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought:
The “How To” is NOT the Problem.

It’s never the “how to” that’s stopping us from moving forward. The “want to” is the problem.

Now, my first response might well be “I don’t know how”. And that might, in the moment, be true. But that’s a temporary state of affairs and not what’s actually stopping me. It’s the “want to”. It’s the decision.

Let’s say I agree to give you £10 million if you complete the project you’re currently stuck on. You’d move pretty quickly from “I don’t know how” to “I don’t know how … yet … and I’m going to figure it out!”

Because now you’ve made the decision. You want to.

So, when stuck: I want not to look at the “how to”, but at the “want to”. To get honest with myself that this isn’t something I want to be doing. And from there, make changes: to find ways to want to; or to redirect my focus and attention into what I do want.

The “how to” is not the problem.

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