Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought:
The Currency of Connection

When I meet with prospects and we work together to decide whether to coach together, the chief parameter in my decision is: CHEMISTRY.

And the currency I choose to measure that chemistry by is ENERGY.

I’m sharing this because I have a lot of conversations around the topic of rapport. Creating a connection. Making a great first impression. Delivering an impactful communication. Inspiring and influencing a person or team to some course of action.

And time and again, the idea we keep coming back to is ENERGY. The root of our inspiration is ENERGY. The approach that most often helps us achieve our connection goals is to think of – and in terms of – ENERGY.

The currency of connection is chemistry. The currency of chemistry is energy.

Take that thought with you into the next exchange where you want to connect, engage, impact, influence, inspire and impress.

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Dan Beverly

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