Dan Beverly

A thought to start the week: “stop educating, start doing”.

Stop Educating. Start Doing.

We live in a world of information access. And that’s, at once, a joy and a jeopardy.

It’s a joy because: I can research almost everything about almost anything. And it’s a jeopardy because … I can research almost everything about almost anything.

And that option can quickly lead us to an obsession of over-education. An obsession driven by the fear of not knowing, not knowing enough, missing out, being caught-out. And just as quickly, we forget that we know most of what we need to, already.

Because you do, don’t you?

So: Stop (over-)educating yourself about the thing (and every little detail surrounding the thing). And instead: do the thing!

That’s the education you want and need. And it’ll expose the actual knowledge gaps that you can then go and intentionally fill with all that information that’s so readily available.

STOP educating. START doing.

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Dan Beverly

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