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A thought to start the week: “State vs. Goals”.

State vs. Goals

We set goals: the things that, with time and effort, we want to achieve. But let’s notice now, it’s the feeling behind the goal that we’re after, just as much as the goal itself.

I want that promotion Рto feel successful and fulfilled. I want that new job Рto feel inspired and energised. I want more money Рto feel security and independence. I want better balance Рto feel happy and content.

So it’s really useful to notice both the goal and the state. To get to the heart of why we’re doing (or not doing!) something. And to serve as the ultimate measure of whether we’re moving towards our goal.

And here’s the other side of state: recognising the important part it plays in our pursuit of goals. Why?

Because behaviour arises from state.

Have you ever tried to do something at work and found it virtually impossible – only to return to it another time, perhaps when you’re in the mood, feeling inspired or just after a good night’s sleep, and sailed through it? That’s the power of state: both enjoyable and empowering.

So how do we change state? We just decide. Just like that. And ok, sometimes it takes a few more in-depth techniques than just that (you can go away and research those state-changing exercises now). But just flip the switch. It’s as easy as that. And if in doubt, notice how you see it in children all the time. They just decide; and suddenly their great again!

So work on your state as much as you work on your goals. Because after all: state is both what we want. And what will get us what we want.

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