Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought: Source the pain. Go right at it.

There are times when we have a recurring thought that’s painful. Perhaps for an upcoming event that has us filled with anxiety or apprehension . Or some task that we’ve organised in our mind as unpleasant or unattractive. Or a crucial conversation that we’re just not looking forward to.

And seduced by the immediate pleasure and release of avoiding those uncomfortable feelings, we push the thought out of our mind. Only to repeat the process, ad infinitum. Often, just moments after.

So notice now: what a costly strategy that is. And consider adopting a different strategy:

Notice this thinking pattern. Source the pain. And then go right at it.

Get to work on it. Make a decision. Turn it into a project. Get into some action. Give yourself the advice you know you’d give a friend or colleague in the same situation.

You’ll not only unblock that recurring thought and move your thinking on. You’ll not only ultimately address your problem. You’ll feel better, just in taking the decision to act on it.

So, no more sidestepping the issue. Just go right at it!

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Dan Beverly

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