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I don’t think I’m at all well-qualified to write a “Best Book of 2017” post. And so that’s not quite what this is.

But when I first had the thought for this piece, it came with the intriguing question: how many books have I read this past year? And so, I decided to find out …

During the course of January – December 2017, I bought – and read!* – 75 books on personal development, neuroscience, business, career, leadership and coaching.

* The act of not only buying books, but actually reading them as well, is a novel idea I’ve added in the past year. Believe me, it wasn’t always so!

Atop that, I’ve downloaded 15 Kindle books.

And listened to 44 audiobooks, courtesy of Audible (https://www.audible.co.uk/): one of three personal dev resource favourites of mine in 2017 – the other two being Brian Johnson’s Optimize (https://www.optimize.me/) and Andy Puddicombe’s Headspace (https://www.headspace.com/).

So there are my stats/credentials:

  • 75 books
  • 44 audiobooks
  • 15 kindle books

I don’t know if 134 books is a lot or a little to you. But for me, in its entirety it’s been a treasure trove. And from that wealth of thought, easily the most powerful idea I discovered was Right Now.

Right Now: Mastering the Beauty of the Present Moment
by Steve Chandler

I first read its ~170 pages in a single sitting. And having read it multiple times since, it has never once failed to spring in me a well of inspiration, motivation, energy and willing with its central idea:

To create a future in the present moment. Right Now.

I’m a very brain-based coach, architecting my work around neuroscientific research and focusing heavily on a Quality of Thought. But the thinking is only ever one of three parts needed to succeed. We too need to take fearless action. And we too need to step into a best version of ourselves.

Thinking. Doing. Being.

Right Now is the very best book I’ve read in recent times that perfectly encapsulates this trifecta of personal performance and success. Highly recommended to anyone interested in opening themselves up to a whole new level.

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