Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought: A Result Every Time

How often do you achieve a result? I’ll tell you: ALWAYS.

We don’t always get a win. We don’t always achieve our goals. We don’t always find a sense of balance and fulfilment. We don’t always land in a career we love – or even like! But we definitely get a result. Every time. Regardless of whether it’s the one we want or not.

Why is that?

At the root of our results is our thinking. Which leads to behaviours. Which leads to results. Change our thinking and we change our results.

But the brain is a cognitive miser. And its concern for our wellbeing has us avoiding new, resource-hungry thinking. And so instead, has us on autopilot.

Until we wake up to it.

We’re only ever one thought away from changing our results:

  • What current thinking do you need to let go of?
  • What new thinking do you need to adopt?

Take responsibility. Change your thinking. Get the results you want.

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Dan Beverly

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