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A parting thought to close-out the week: “renewing the challenge”.

Renewing the Challenge

For the complex, thinking-centred work of the modern world, extrinsic motivators are not well-suited, not as long-lasting and not as effective as intrinsic motivators. And from time-to-time, it’s necessary to refill our intrinsic motivational stores.

One path to doing just that is: renewing the challenge.

Our brains love challenge and stretch. Just enough to make it novel and interesting. But not so much to turn positive pressure into negative stress. Something that minimises the threat of failing at a task. But maximises the satisfying buzz of solving a problem.

A great way to renew useful challenge is to ask the question: “how much more stretch can I add to this and have it still be achievable?

A career without challenge quickly becomes uninspiring and uneventful. So I invite you to take the weekend to find new challenge in whatever projects you’re currently focused on.

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