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A Quality of Thought: Raise Your Standards.

I was bought a mini lightbox for a recent birthday. And it had on the front 3 horizontal tracks for black magnetic letters to sit upon – like an old-style film listing board at a traditional cinema.

Of all the thoughts I could have chosen for the inaugural message, I went with this:

Raise Your Standards

I love this idea: for its inspiration (the push) and its motivation (the pull). For its invitation to think expansively. For its challenge to get creative. And for its universal application to almost any endeavour – whether that endeavour is going well or otherwise.

Think now of an important piece of work on your list. Either something in progress not working quite as you’d like. Or something that needs doing but you’re delaying. And consider how you could raise your standards.

What could you do to elevate the benchmarks that currently have you uninspired or stuck at inaction? Would committed decision could you make; or bold action could you take. To raise your standards?

Of course, “Raise Your Standard” was my choice of inspiring thought for the lightbox. But perhaps you have your own favourite. Whatever that inspiring thought is:

Put it to work, today.

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