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Quit whilst you’re ahead

I was a pretty cheeky kid. And so growing-up, I heard this phrase. A lot.

In more recent years, it’s become a useful reminder for me. But not for its regular meaning, but for something else. Here’s how it goes …

I’m not crazy about the word “quit”. Or on the suggestion of limiting our efforts. But I am very big on finishing. On feeling complete.

That’s not often where we choose to leave things.

Instead, we finish something – and then we’re straight onto the next thing. Never minding the fact there’s only a few minutes before our next commitment. We kick-off the next project.

And so we depart that segment of our day with an unfinished piece of work and a feeling of incompleteness – rather than with a win and a feeling of satisfaction.

Choosing to feel complete

Here’s what happens when I quit when I’m ahead …

Let’s say I have an hour before my next appointment. And I settle into a task which I then complete in 50 minutes.

Rather than launch the next project, I’m going to quit whilst I’m ahead: taking a moment to celebrate that win; before moving-on, early and prepared, to my next commitment; with a feeling of accomplishment and completion.

And I know I’m going to perform better at that next task or activity. Because my brain-friendly approach has put me in the kind of positive state where I perform at my best.

So for next time

Before launching straight into the next thing, catch yourself. And consider quitting whilst you’re ahead.

And a final thought: what about those times where the work doesn’t fit into your currently-available timeslot? Try this quick article: How to Complete on Your Thinking.

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