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A Quality of Thought: High Performance Leadership is … Ownership

It’s easy to talk about issues happening “over there”. About “the issues of this company”. Of us all struggling in a working world where “leaders and managers are failing us”. The infamous and proverbial “they”.

More than easy, in some contexts it almost feels expected to think in such terms; to be part of the pile-on.

But we can’t all of us be the put-upon workforce. And whilst there might well be issues, how we show-up in response makes all the difference.

High Performance Leadership has little time for such victim-based thinking. High Performance Leaders are the opposite of victim. They are OWNER.

Responsibility. Accountability. Ownership. High performers move towards and are energised by these ideas – not away from and drained by.

And more than simply living-out these ideals in themselves, they inspire such owner-based ways of being in their people, too. Not to be part of the problem, but of the solution.

We all have the capacity to be a high performer: that version of ourselves already exists. But victim-based thinking betrays that best self.

Choose instead to be an Owner. Choose instead to take Ownership.

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