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A Quality of Thought: Growth.

Personal Growth and Professional Growth are the same thing.

Yes, we might step-into a version of our self for work. And from there, we might step into a very specific version of our self for a specific situation at work. And later the same day, step into another completely different version of our self for some outside-work situation.

But it is still our one self. And we cannot cut that one self down the middle and not expect those other versions of self not to influence its counterparts.

Personal Growth and Professional Growth are the same thing.

How do we grow? Through DOING that leads to BEING.

“In any moment of decision, … the worst thing you can do is nothing.”
Theodore Roosevelt

I’ve been experimenting with, what I’m choosing to call, “Enrichment Experiences”. With this quote from Roosevelt being the place from which I come at this: I choose to do something. To engage in an experience. Any.

Try it. But first …

There are some rules to this game:

  1. The experience must take place within one week of you thinking of it. This is a Right Now thing.
  2. It must be something that has the potential to be fun, exciting and enjoyable.
  3. It must not be a part of your normal day-to-day life or routine. Something new.
  4. There has to be a little resistance there (which you’ll need to lean into). If it’s too easy, that’s a sign it’s too close to the day-to-day.

In my experiment with this approach: I went mountain biking on one of the best trails in the UK; I went on a first aid course and got certified; I purchased a set of professional fireworks and hosted a fireworks display for friends and family; I enrolled on an induction class at the local Krav Maga (self-defence) School.

Whether my client is looking to shift career or accelerate a leadership agenda, the initial resistance is the same: I don’t see how any of this “nice-to-do-if-I-had-the-time” stuff moves me closer to my professional goals.

And that kind of thinking is exactly why they’re stuck. Trying to think their way out of the problem, rather than act their way out. Trying to do more of the same that isn’t working, rather than something different.

So JUST DO IT. Because it’s not the specific action itself that creates the transformation.

There will probably be some positive consequences as a direct result of the action. Fun. Enjoyment. Getting fitter. New relationships. And so on.

But it’s what the action leads to:

Retraining our self to be an action-based human being.

And from there: action, upon action, upon action, upon action. And it’s that which leads to results – both in what we achieve and who we are. Doing + Being.

Personal Growth and Professional Growth are the same thing.

Act it out!

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