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A thought to start the week: “present thinking percentage”.

Present Thinking Percentage

What percentage of your thinking is about this present moment?

It’s a useful challenge. Because without noticing, we can spend a lot of time in the past; and a lot of time in the future; and all of it largely at the expense of the present.

It can be useful to look ahead: as when crafting a vision, setting goals, foreseeing issues and defining solutions. And it can be useful to look back: as when learning from mistakes, capitalising on past success, noticing patterns and informing next decisions.

But to live too much in the past and present comes at the expense of the present: in the form of attention, focus, concentration, achievement and progress. We need that mindful facility: both to keep us positive in our past- and future-focused thinking; and, in particular, to bring us back to present-moment thinking.

How to do that? Start by simply noticing where your thinking is. Practise noticing when you’re not present. Build the habit of acknowledging those thoughts, before gently bringing your attention back to the present.

Here are a couple of article shares to help keep you present in the moment:

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