Dan Beverly

A thought to start the week: “pleasing vs. serving”.

Pleasing vs. Serving

Are you in the business of pleasing? Or serving?

Think now about your career. Your management. Your leadership. Your team. Your organisation. Your clients. Your customers. Your stakeholders. And notice that there is a big difference between pleasing and serving.

Pleasing is agreement because it’s the path of least resistance. Pleasing is staying silent because it avoids the debate. Pleasing is automatically saying yes because that’s what we’re programmed to do.

But when we please (others), we rarely serve (anyone).

Ask: what would truly serve this person, right now? And you’ll always produce a more valuable contribution, full of integrity, significance – and benefit.

A life of profound service is so much more enjoyable, so much more free – and so much more profitable. A life in which you too are being served.

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