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A thought to start the week: “own your no”.

Own Your “No”

How many times in the last week would you have preferred to say “no” instead of what you actually said?

Here’s another question: how many times last week did you own your “no’s”? Or did you instead kinda sorta say “no”: “sure, maybe later …” and “yeah, let me think about it … “.

Saying “no” is a challenge for many of us. As children, we’re brought-up not to say “no”. As young adults, we’re conditioned to fit-in and get-along. And so in professional life, that pleasing programming is still there.

But a “yes” to everything leads to lack of focus, sub-par performance and burnout. And a kinda sorta “no” leads to ambiguity, stress and resentment.

It’s helpful to remember that pleasing and serving are not the same.

It’s helpful to remember that saying “no” to people (when the answer is “no”) serves them and us. It honours standing commitments. It prioritises priorities. And it gives us both firm ground from which to move forward.

“No” takes practise. So this week: own your “no’s”. And enjoy the stress-free clarity and focus that follows.

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