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A Quality of Thought: Over-commitment

My focus is high-performance leadership. My focus is high-performance career – playing-out as rapid career acceleration; or transformational career shift. And my focus is high-performance life.

One common attribute they all share: success in each initiative is founded on COMMITMENT.

A personal internal, full-throated commitment – a promise to self – is what determines an energetic launch, a singular focus, a continual knowing of what to come back to in the face of distraction, a very necessary perseverance in the face of challenge and a faith in success in spite of not knowing exactly how.

When it comes to commitment, it’s not a question of having it or not having it. We all have commitment. Rather, it’s a question of where we choose to place that energy. What we choose to pump our commitment into. Lack of commitment is actually just commitment in some other direction. A misuse of our commitment.

Another misuse of our commitment is when we over-commit. And to check our commitment, it’s useful to engage some over-commitment self-reflection. Here are a few prompts:

  • Where am I over-committed?
  • How is my over-commitment showing-up?
  • To what am I over-committing: now and ongoing?
  • What do I need to say “no” to, to refocus my commitment?

Your commitment is powerful. Use it wisely. Put it to BEST use.

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