Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought:
Out of Dreams. Into Reality.

I like to dream. But I want to make that dream a reality, as soon as possible. I don’t want it to remain a dream. Because that’s a future that never arrives.

There’s only ever one place I create my future. And that’s in this present moment. And so, I want my dream to be part of my present. I want it to be part of my day, today.

Having my dream be part of my day, even in a small way, is exciting and motivating. And it’s a great way to live my life. (As opposed to having my dream be part of some continually-unrealised future. Which is a miserable and frustrating life.)

The thinking mistake we make is we see our dream as so big, it cannot possibly be brought into reality, just like that, now, today. But that’s the entirety of the dream. The finished project. So, here’s the alternative:

I bring my dream into my reality by setting and taking an action.

Even the smallest action on the right path will do that. Will bring my dream into my reality. I don’t allow myself to think that this “small” action is such a small part of the final outcome, it’s not worth taking. It is. Because it’s the key that brings that dream into reality.

Act. Now. Today. And have your dream and your reality be the same thing.

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