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People occasionally ask if I ever follow my own advice. And the answer is: yes, all the time. Or, at least, I try to. (Because easier said than done, right?)

And of the qualities of thought that I share with others, perhaps my favourite to adopt myself is noticing when I’ve made the decision.

And not just noticing. Noticing. Accepting. Acting upon.

Because the vast majority of the time, we’ve made our decision. And what’s happening now is hesitation, uncertainty and fear, disguised as more comfortable and socially-acceptable thoughts and activities like information gathering, analysis, “wait and see” and other delaying tactics.

Getting out of our own way

Imagine what we’d achieve, if we’d only get out of our own way and act on our decisions.

And so I love to challenge myself with a simple thought: “face it, Dan, you’ve made the decision.” And now it’s time to take action.

Because I know I’m going to take-on that next project. Or that I’m going to invest in that piece of personal development I’ve been looking at. Or that I’m going to leave some job that’s left me exhausted and empty for so long.

Everything else between decision and action is now just limiting my achievements.

And noticing my decisions works positively in the other direction too. I know I’m not going to do some activity. So drop it. And turn my precious and easily-exhausted attention to something I am going to do.

Action, at the scene of the decision

When I spot these impotent decisions, I know my mistake has been in not setting and taking action at the scene of my decision making.

And so, in future: that’s the advice I want to adopt for myself.

A staunch commitment to accompany every decision with an action. Any action that gets me moving on my decision.

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