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Happy New Year!

And as we all look ahead to 2018, I wanted to bring together 9 of my favourite posts on career: to give our reflections some shape and structure.

I hope you find them a balanced mix that encourages useful introspection and learning, as well as inspires courageous decision-making and progressive action.

20 Reasons Why You’re Not Hitting Your Potential

Let’s dream for a minute. And imagine what might be possible in 2018, if we removed all obstacles. Whatever your feelings about coaching, there’s much to be learnt from the way coaches unlock potential. Here are 20 ideas to help you stretch yourself as we move into 2018.

9 Ingredients to Greater Career Satisfaction and Fulfilment

What does career satisfaction and fulfilment look like for you in 2018? And what’s required to deliver on those ambitions? If 2017 was lacking for pure satisfaction, check yourself against this list. And see if you can find new areas to re-discover fulfilment at work in 2018.

Life’s Too Short For a Career Full of Compromise

What negative compromises have emerged and developed over the past year? What has been the accumulative cost of those compromises in 2017? And how willing are you to let that continue into the year ahead. Learn to take a fresh look at the compromises your career has you making.

12 Signs It’s Time To Move On In Your Career

When unfulfilling days at work turn in to unfulfilling weeks, months and years, it’s already well past the time to move on. The turn of the year is a great time for reflection and perspective. Take the opportunity to check for the signs – and take the necessary action!

The Negative Self-Talk That Could Be Ruining Your Career

Don’t hamper your career development in 2018 by letting the self-talk slip into strongly negative language. Instead, learn to practise mindful awareness of these negative self-talk patterns – and so take control of your 2018 career with an enriched and positive perspective.

21 Great Coaching Questions for the Pivotal Career Moments

Make 2018 the year where your career is 1000% your own agenda. Help yourself to achieve that goal with these 21 great self-coaching questions for the Pivotal Career Moments.

The 8 Behaviours Derailing Your Career

Whatever our big goals for 2018, it’s useful to remind ourselves that even the biggest goals are achieved through many small-but-significant – and consistent! – behaviours. For the year to come, make sure your behaviours add-up to career success, not career suicide.

8 Attitudes That Will Stifle Your Career Development

There are many ingredients that go into building a successful career. And you’ve no doubt got plenty. But if you’re attitude’s not right, none of that is going to matter. Make 2018 the year you drop these 8 career-damaging attitudes.

10 Ways to Stay Energised and Motivated for Your Next Career Move

What energy do you want to take into 2018? Get intentional about this most crucial of resources by learning to look after the driving force behind the change – yourself.
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