Dan Beverly

A thought to start the week: “needy is creepy”.

Needy Is Creepy

Neediness is not good in business. Anywhere.

Neediness creates a threat response in your audience’s brain. It equates to weakness. It signals a potentially expensive drain on resources. And it induces feelings of fear and anxiety.

Such validation-seeking behaviour will negatively affect all business interactions dramatically. So no more checking-in. No more “soft closing”. No more apologising for wanting to design, share and do a deal. No more apologising for who you are and what you stand for.

Instead, eradicate neediness. Eliminate your desires and let things come to you. Be excellent in the presence of others at Your One Thing. And don’t be afraid to withdraw at the crucial moment.

We want what we can’t have. We chase what runs away. We yearn for what’s out of reach. Needy is creepy. The opposite is powerfully seductive.

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