Dan Beverly

A Quality of Thought: Mind vs. Brain

Use whichever words you prefer. I’m choosing “mind” and “brain”.

But do this: draw the distinction between the conscious thinking that you do; and the impersonal body organ that’s designed to do what you instruct (a.k.a. the “brain”).

  • Mind: active/proactive
  • Brain: passive/reactive

We forget that the brain is designed to serve us. It’s biologically wired to carry-out our instructions.

Its instinctive organising principles around survival can oftentimes complicate that. But that’s exactly why I need to be in control of my “mind”: so that I can issue crystal-clear, irrevocable commands to my “brain”.

If I “try” or “wish” or “hope” or “long” for something, my brain is not receiving an instruction. It’s hearing weak, uncertain and unclear words. Not the inevitability I want for my plans and goals.

Come not from a place of trying or wishing. Instead: have your mind – your executive – put your brain to work with Conscious, Committed Commands.

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