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In the Pivotal Career Moments – those crucial instances that, together, define a career – there’s one response we might choose that’s more destructive than all other issues and obstacles we might otherwise face:


Hesitation is the splinter in the keystone of our career strategy that will bring the whole thing crashing down. Because in that moment of hesitation, we give life to every reason, doubt, fear and limiting belief that keep us from what we want in our careers.

Hesitation is a trap. And it’s one of the key reasons why, to my mind, “wait and see” is no basis for a career strategy.

The antidote? ACTION.

When you sense that pivotal career moment. When you get that knowing hint, be it instinct, intuition, inspiration, insight (or, indeed, some other source not beginning with the letter “i”): LEAP. Take action in the moment.

Because in taking action in the moment, all the things you were (otherwise) waiting to have show up – qualities like confidence, and certainty, and energy, and resources, and resourcefulness – show-up anyway. Because, of course, they were there, all along. (But you know that already.)

So choose success

I started this piece with the thought that hesitation is a chosen response. How does that sit with you? The idea that I choose to hesitate. Comfortably – or otherwise?

Either way: that’s the thought I want to leave with you. That in your Pivotal Career Moment, your response is your choice. Shrink/Embrace. Plateau/Accelerate. Hesitate/Act.

In the moment, choose action. In the moment, choose (your definition of) success.

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