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New Year’s Resolutions Part 2

The tradition and ceremony of New Year is a useful motivation; but can’t it also make resolutions a chore? And if and when that happens, we’re either going to focus on a quick making of resolutions (with no real intent of keeping them); or just not bother at all. Honestly, I probably respect the latter approach more.

But let’s say you want to take advantage of the New Year’s promise and use resolutions to make a meaningful change. How best to do that?

To make a resolution both of greater meaning and that you’ll keep, connect your resolution with some higher purpose.

Resolutions are often small changes for personal improvement – and I think that’s just fine. They don’t need to be “big”. Like we always say: don’t try and change everything, just change something.
But whatever your resolution is, “big” or “small”, find a connection with its deeper intent. Ask yourself: what will that get me? What will that lead to? What else will come as a result?
When we start to think expansively like this, we create new connections in the brain and generate new insights, all of which qualifies and strengthens our thinking around our resolution – and is also hugely motivating.

So no need to rush into making your resolution. Take some time to reflect on what’s been and what’s to come. Let yourself land on just one area for personal improvement. And then ask yourself: what else will that lead to?

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Dan Beverly

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