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I love the eve of a new year. It’s so full of potential, I can’t help but drink-in its promise. It’s a naturally-occurring Pivotal Moment.

Pivotal Moments: the source of success

I’m big on Pivotal Moments. Not so much the chronological landmarks of life: exams, university, marriage, children and so on. But those fleeting yet deep moments when we realise something special is happening or is about to happen. Something that will determine a course for us.

I’ve always believed that noticing, acknowledging, embracing and capitalising on the pivotal moments is the difference that makes the difference. From mediocre to good; good to great; in work, career life and everything else.

It’s why embracing the pivotal moments is the foundation of my coaching; why I created the Pivotal Moment Method; and why I wrote the book The Power of a Pivotal Moment.

Our successes are the combination of vision and purpose, direction and focus, hard work and resilience – and a whole lot more. But pivotal moments are the source.

Making 2016 your Pivotal Moment

As you look ahead to the new year, you might like to ask yourself: in what ways will 2016 be my pivotal moment?

  • Will it be a turning point? A decisive change in an important area. If so, the decision is with you now to embrace your 2016 opportunities. 2016 won’t be about experimentation, but deep commitment to a new direction.
  • Will it be the tipping point? The critical moment in an evolving situation: the culmination of a number of pivotal moments. 2016 will be about bringing it all together, finishing it off, reaping what you’ve sown.
  • Will it be a recommitment? A moment of decision requiring re-commitment to a current path. Whether you choose to stay or move on, 2016 is characterised by recommitment to yourself and by connecting with a new and more purposeful goal.
  • Will it be a release? The moment at which you decide to let go and make the strategic decision to move on. 2016 is about renewal and fresh starts. A new and more solid platform on which to build.
  • Will it be the launch? A moment of commitment to create something or to gain mastery of a new area or skill. You’ll ask yourself: “What do I want to be best at in 2016?”

So what will 2016 be about for you? And how will you go about architecting the pivotal moments that will make those ambitions a reality?

What’s starting you?

We can spend a lot of time and attention focused on what’s stopping us. Reasons. Excuses. What’s getting in the way. What’s holding us back.

But today, on the eve of a new year, I want to ask of you a different question: What’s Starting You?

Why not choose this moment right now to be the Pivotal Moment that kick-starts your best year yet?

Happy New Year!

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Dan Beverly

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