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A Quality of Thought: Lean on the Process

We install processes for the routine BAU activity: so everyone knows what’s happening, now and next. So no one gets lost. So we’re all crystal clear on where we are. So we can share the process from one person to another.

But I can use process for so much more.

I can use process for the not-so-routine. I can use process to get unstuck. I can use process to create change where I couldn’t create change before.

I do that by focusing on creating a process. Not solving the problem, not thinking about the project, not taking the decision. Just creating a process. Step-by-step. We can all do that – even when we don’t know the answer to the core challenge.

And from there, I’m going to lean on the process I’ve designed. I’m just going to follow it – and the solutions will reveal themselves to me. The motivation and creativity will show up. The decision will become obvious. The next step becomes clear.

And I’m moving again.

Process is not just for the routine.

  • Process takes the “not feeling like it” out of the equation.
  • Process takes the “lack of motivation” out of the equation.
  • Process takes the “not sure where to go next” out of the equation.

Put process to better use by not just limiting it to the mundane routines. Point it at a stuck project and notice how it gives you a new avenue to get moving again.

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