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A Quality of Thought:
Labels that keep me stuck

Language is powerful. We use it to create the internal working model of the world that we then live into. We work hard to be consistent with it. We step into a version of ourselves that corresponds.

And so, that internal working model is highly influential. On our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and way of being.

What doesn’t then help is when I use that language to label myself. As in: when I take a temporary thought or behaviour and elevate its status to a permanent way of being.

  • I tag myself a “procrastinator”, where the more accurate description is: I occasionally procrastinate.
  • I call myself a “doer” and not a leader, as if they’re mutually-exclusive.
  • I decide I’m a “failure” after a specific and isolated activity that didn’t turn out as I’d originally hoped.
  • I tag myself “too … ” something (old, young, new, inexperienced, over-qualified) that makes my goal a non-starter.

Take a look at your proverbial labels now. What unhelpful labels have you permanently tagged yourself with that are keeping you stuck?

How have you categorised yourself in limiting ways? What stamps have you picked up to leave you without choice?

Take a decision now to simply let your labels go.

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