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A parting thought to close-out the week: “you know what you need to work on”.

You Know What You Need To Work On

In recent coaching conversations, my clients have been delighting in some of the myriad personal dev resources out there that help point us at areas of focus. To highlight what needs to be worked on.

And those resources can be useful to get us thinking; and to put a bit of structure around that thinking. And so, I thoroughly encourage their use – for just as long as they remain useful.

But watch for over-education. And specifically: notice when studying you becomes the project – rather than actually working on you. Because then, the development focus has drifted and can get lost altogether.

To help maintain your focus, here are 3 useful reminders:

  • You already know what you need to work on. Focus on that.
  • You probably know most of what work needs doing. Do that.
  • And you know that the topic choice matters less than getting to it. So get to it.

Because here’s the thing: pick an area (any area) of personal development in which to improve. And it’ll inevitably help the rest.

Choose communication skills. And your rapport improves. Choose public speaking. And your 1-2-1 influence and impact gets better. Choose confidence. And everything improves.

So know, right now, that you already know what you need to work on. Take the decision to improve in that area. Commit to having a laser-like focus on it. And get to work with just enough education to support your goal.

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